"Peter Jirmann Jr. and his models search for an expression for body, sexuality and erotics. They use the language of the pose for this in their pictures. It is their form of portrayal and a very up-to-date one at that. The pose represents an expression for an attitude, gesture or position that is calcuated for effect and this makes it clear how precisely Peter Jirmann Jr. plans his photographs and shows off his models. It does not matter which tool he uses in the process. He is not working as a photographer in pursuit of

a single moment, but as a photographic designer, who translates his ideas into pictures with virtuosity. And he counts on the fact that the spectators understand the expression that comes manifest in the pose.


Poses always refer to a thought concealed by present reality. The point in the pictures is not Peter Jirmann’s vision of female body representations and the way the spectator judges them aesthetically. Nor is portrayal of form what he has in mind. Even the models’ personality fades away behind the aim of the picture’s statement. In the pictures, gesture and attitude release associations for the spectator all the more and produce reflection, wishes, demands.


With the thoughts expressed in the poses, the model and photo designer refuse to refer to a voyeuristic approach by the spectator and demand a standpoint in an offensive way. Poses leave no room for secretive peeping through the key hole. But it is also true: poses need a spectator, who can recognize them, decipher them and admire the actor. And anyone who uses the language of the pose, like photo designer, Peter Jirmann Jr., and his models, is acting, as well as saying, „I’ll show you spectator how beautiful, how self-assured, how open, how challenging my models are and you have to bring along the time to understand the thoughts that are formulated and visualized in our pictures!“


PLAYBOY 04/2008




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